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JAGA Company

A heart-warming brand with a soul


Jaga brings design to the concept of heating. It brings pleasure to the eye and to the senses. By using innovative materials and production techniques a brand new design language emerges. Attention to detail is surpassed only by the desire to create maximum heating comfort. The aesthetic aspect of each radiator elevates it from the status of an object to a work of art.


Jaga is working towards a better world. Starting at home. With a corporate culture of durability, freedom and social responsibility. A culture that does not seek stock exchange listings nor one that goes to great lengths to make a short term profit, but one which places fair-trading at the top of its list. Something that we apply to our relationships with clients, suppliers and employees. And in our policy decisions where we make it a priority to place the least possible burden on the environment.


Jaga is alive. Exciting. Pioneering. In our Experience Lab we carry out experiments with new and environmentally sustainable technologies. And we link our name to events, sports and activities that, just like us, exude dynamism, passion and experience. Because Jaga is not so much a company as a culture. With the °C of heating comfort.

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