Jaga Low-H20 once again most economical radiator

After being voted the most economical radiator currently on the market by Belgian (WTCB) and British (BRE) independent research institutes, Jaga’s Low-H20 radiator now also has been given top marks by the Dutch KIWA Technology-institute. Time and time again the Low-H2O radiator achieves the highest emission performance. It uses at least 5% less energy than a system with under floor heating and 9 to 16% less than a system with panel radiators. How is this possible? Jaga’s Low-H2O radiators contain up to 90% less water than other radiators, and they also have no heavy steel plates that require pre-heating. The heat exchanger is made of superfast conducting copper and aluminium which immediately and accurately transfers its heat to the room. In the morning, you can easily turn on your radiator twenty minutes later and when the sun heats up your house during the day the Low-H2O will instantly switch off.

All Jaga Low-H20 radiators carry a 30 year guarantee.

Come and discover the Low-h20 on the Batibouw-fair (paleis 12, stand 300), or visit us at www.dezuinigsteradiator.be.