Our CEO, Jan Kriekels, and some Jaga employees walked 22 km to support The Climate Miles. This walk started in the Netherlands on the 1st of November and will end in Paris on the 28th of November, where the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) will be held. Anyone is free to join the walk, whether for a day, a week, or the entire month.

Respect Nature

Scientists are very clear: Global warming is happening and we are the primary cause. Certain gases trap heat and act like a blanket to warm the planet. One of the most important is carbon dioxide (CO2), which we release into the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels — oil, coal, and natural gas — to generate electricity, power our vehicles, and heat our homes.

As we overload our atmosphere with carbon dioxide, more and more heat is trapped — and Earth steadily warms up in response. How do we know? The scientific evidence is overwhelming.

The effects of climate change are already there and will get worse if we don’t take action quickly. We can still do a lot to prevent the worst to happen, but together we have to show the world that the time to act is now!