In Aviatica, the first building of the Waltrovka development, already 700 Jaga Mini Canal built-in solutions, 956 Mini freestanding radiators and 50 Strada wall-mounted radiators have been installed. Other office buildings, the restoration of the original Walter aircraft engines factory and a residential area with about 800 high quality homes and apartments are in preparation.

Jaga is convinced to have energy saving climate solutions for all of these buildings, and therefore a new showroom / advice center will be opened in Aviatica. This 150 square meter showroom, with a 20 meter long show window and our new Czech sales office, will be the perfect place to show the market our first class design solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation.

Eye-catching products in an eye-catching showroom!

As for many years now, not only the Jaga products are environmentally friendly. All our expositions and showrooms are build according to the Cradle-to-Cradle philosophy.

Recycled materials and product parts are upgraded and re-used for the interior design. Very striking are the walls, constructed from recycled floor grills or radiator front panels.

And certainly not to forget: the Aviatica history will be symbolized by creating the famous Walter NZ-60 aircraft engine completely out of Jaga heat exchangers and other product parts! Come and see….