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Eczacıbaşı Ormanada


Heating Solutions Mini Canal
Architect Kreatif Architect
Building residential
Partner Eczacibasi Gayrimenkul
Brochure Eczacıbaşı Ormanada
About the project

The Ormanada project is located on 220,000 m2 of land in Zekeriyaköy, a wooded suburb to the north of Istanbul.

This project combines a ‘sustainable life’ philosophy, the simple beauty of nature and modern architecture and design to create a very special living place in Istanbul. A project where the Jaga Mini Canal fits in perfectly. Minimal recess depth, maximum heat.

The Mini Canal is one of a comprehensive range of natural and dynamic trench heating systems marketed by Jaga and features the company’s ultra-responsive, Low-H2O heat exchanger for precise temperature control.

The low mass, low water content in the Jaga heat exchanger is also able to work far more efficiently than competitive trench heating systems.

Jaga’s heat exchanger produces high heat outputs when fed with the low 45° flow temperature of the water from the CCHP-system.

The used products
Mini Canal

Minimal recess depth

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