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Super-power for heating, cooling and ventilation

Reddot Design Award Winner

Super-power for heating, cooling and ventilation

Brise keeps a tight rein on temperatures and is full of energy, controlling your interior climate with precision through the range of activator controlled settings. Heating. Ventilating. Cooling. Regardless, this radiator is always in pole position, ready to win the race for comfort.

Top performers
Hybrid Heating
Low water temperature 35 50
High water temperature 75 65
High water temperature 55 45
Active cooling
Passive cooling

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Sizes & outputs


Outputs table

Model Height (cm) Length (cm) Type 75/65 ˚C 55/45 ˚C 35/30 ˚C
Standard 53 83 2 3600 2160 900
Standard 53 83 3 5000 3000 1250
Standard 53 110 4 7260 4356 1815
Standard 53 138 8 16780 10068 4195
Standard 53 165 10 18920 11352 4730
Twin Power 53 110 6 10380 6228 2595


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User manual
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Frequently asked questions

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Wall mounting thermostat heating/cooling

  • LCD display
  • Programmable in 8 half-days
  • automatic or manual cooling / heating changeover
  • AC 230 V, on / off or 3-position control outputs
  • speed control: automatic or manual
  • operating modes: comfort, energy saving and frost protection
  • for 1 fan convector or 1 regulator for several fan coils in combination with relay contacts
  • for two pipe and four pipe fan convectors

Speed control / thermostat

Wall-mounted thermostat with on/off button and manual 3-position speed controller. Suitable for heating, cooling and ventilation. For 1 unit or for several units, combined with relay contacts.

Additional electric element

Options are fitted when fan convector and options are ordered together. With built-in options, delivery time will be longer. Includes security thermostat. Do not combine with 2nd heat exchanger B4. During the functioning of the electric element, air flow has to be guaranteed. Electric connection 230 V - 1 f - 50 Hz.


Recyclable air filter (standard at BRIW and BRIF, option at BRIC, BRBW and BRBC)

Rear panel for model BRIW

For freestanding models order feet separately.

Feet for model BRIW - BRBW

Includes protective cover.

Condensation tray for model BRIW - BRIF - BRBW

Additional condensation tray for cooling. Position underneath the valves.

Fan-seal panel for model BRBW - BRBC

For air intake on 1 side and as air-conducting compartments. Always order when using built in models.

Fan-seal panel for model BRIC

For visible mounting. Seal panel in the same colour as the radiator.

Plenum with 2 connections ø16 cm for model BRBC

Exhaust plenum for connection of two air channels. Maximum length of the channel 2 metre, without loss of air flow.

Transformation to exhaust downwards for model BRIC

Includes fan-seal panel for BRIC. Maximum height of ceiling: 2.6 m. Maximum fitting height: 2.3 m. Only available when ordering with the appliance

Plenum with connection ø31.5 cm for model BRBC

Exhaust plenum for connection of one air channel . Maximum length of the channel 2 metre, without loss of air flow.


Pre-assembled fan radiator, Supplied in a handy cardboard box. Type BRIW/BRIF and BRBW with metal casing with smooth metallic paint in light grey and discharge vents in dark grey ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene).

Standard delivery includes:

  • centrifugal fan(s) motor to condense in 3 speeds continuously and integrated KLIXON safety with an automatic reset.
  • re-usable air filter with galvanised chassis for the BRIW and BRIF models
  • built-in 3-position speed controller for the BRIW and BRIF models
  • condensation tray with drain

Hydraulic connection

Standard connection left

  • type 02, 03 and 04: 1/2”
  • type 06, 08 and 10: 3/4”

Connection right on request:

Connection condensation drain pipe ø 2 cm

Electric connection

Electric connection 230 VAC always right

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