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Jaga AVS Unit Heater

modulating AVS version

Jaga AVS Unit Heater

modulating AVS version

The Jaga unit heater is the master of air flow. Even in the largest space. Its secret weapon? The Air Venturi System, which immediately blends heated air with the ambient air. With the modulating AVS version the exhaust louvres are linked in pairs and connected with a servo motor. This motor produces a continuous back and forth movement of the adjustable louvres. The result: faster heating, better temperature distribution, lower energy consumption. Talk about great results!

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This product is available in several models. You can search for the model with the dimensions suitable your solution.

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Sizes & outputs

Outputs table

Model Height (cm) Length (cm) Type 75/65 ˚C 55/45 ˚C 35/30 ˚C
Standard - - - - - -


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