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Jaga Oxygen

The breathing radiator

Jaga Oxygen

The breathing radiator

Intelligent and healthy ventilation

Jaga Oxygen is not a traditional ventilation system, but an intelligent and energy effi cient fresh air system. Oxygen Hybrid Solutions are ready-touse devices (Plug and Play) for ventilation and for heating and cooling.

The Oxygen Air Refresh units can be installed separately or integrated into existing Low-H2O radiators. Both the Hybrid Solutions and the Air Refresh Units can be operated via the integrated control unit or via the intelligent central control Green Wire system, developed by Jaga in collaboration with GE.

  • Efficient: the ideal indoor air quality, always and everywhere
  • Intelligent: measures the air quality and automatically goes into operation whenever required
  • Aesthetic: invisibly built into your low-h2o radiator
  • Comfortable: eliminates draughts almost silently
  • Healthy: no polluting central supply channels, but direct airflow into each room
  • Saving: controlled by room, no more unnecessary ventilation
  • Easy to use: simple control by room or centrally controlled
  • Free night cooling: switching to the boost function in the evening will draw plenty of cold outside air into the room
  • Ease to install: with individual or central control
Top performers
Low water temperature 35 50
High water temperature 75 65
High water temperature 55 45


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