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Knockonwood freestanding DBE

Warm power, noble wood

Knockonwood freestanding DBE

Warm power, noble wood

  • Developed for the house of the future, “Living Tomorrow”, in Vilvoorde-Belgium.
  • Completely pre-assembled including DBE units, connection set and TRV head .
  • Casing with curved wooden shell finished in high-grade veneer in 9 wood finishes.
  • Hidden control with pre-mounted connection set and TRV head.
  • Low-H2O technology with super conductive and ultra fast heat exchanger for low energy consumption and maximum heat emission.
  • DBE (Dynamic Boost Effect) for compact dimensions at super-low water temperatures starting at 30°C.
  • Safe surface temperature.
  • A 30 year guarantee on the heat exchanger.

Energy Savers
30 Year Guarantee
Low water temperature (35-50°C)
High water temperature (75-65°C)
High water temperature (55-45°C)
Knockonwood freestanding DBE

Each dimension for every place

This product is available in several models. You can search for the model with the dimensions suitable your solution.

Search model

Available with Dynamic Boost

Dynamic Boost Effect is a heat activator that has been developed especially for Jaga Low-H2O radiators to increase the capacity with minimal over-dimensioning and negligible energy consumption.

More about DBE
Knockonwood freestanding DBE
Knockonwood freestanding DBE

Super fast heat conductivity

The Jaga Low-H2O heat exchanger is not made of steel, but of super - fast conducting copper and aluminium, which immediately transfers its heat to the room. The advantage of this excellent conductivity increases as the water temperature falls!

More about LOW-H2O

Customize your warmth.

Jaga has 2 environmentally friendly electrostatic powder coating lines with recuperation and without the use of solvents. After a thorough pre-treatment, the radiators are painted and baked at a temperature of about 185 °C. This ensures a highly UV and scratch resistant finish .

Standard colours

Oak natural
Beech natural
Zebrano Natural
Maple natural

Custom colours

Oak bleached
Beech bleached
Oak wenge-coloured

Sizes & outputs


Outputs table

Model Height (cm) Length (cm) Type 75/65 ˚C 55/45 ˚C 35/30 ˚C
Dynamic Boost 21 110 15 1678 1007 420
Dynamic Boost 21 130 15 2164 1298 541
Dynamic Boost 21 170 15 2885 1731 721
Dynamic Boost 21 210 15 3606 2164 902

Connection sets

All Jaga Low-H2O radiators are supplied with brackets, including screws, and with air vent and drain plug. To make it even easier, Jaga also off ers complete connection sets. All Jaga valve sets are completely lockable and can be pre-set during installation.


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Product description
Knockonwood freestanding DBE - Product description INT
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You can find here more technical information about the product.


Delivered in a cardboard box, which can also be used as protection on site after installation.

Standard delivery:

  • premounted radiator in one piece with easy to open side panel for setting temperature. Casing in plywood with veneer oak natural 700 (cat. 1), varnished in satin mat. Premounted DBE set with operation, control and power supply 12 VDC included.
  • Low-H2O heat exchanger type 15
  • feet and side panels in sandblast grey 001, thermostatic head hidden behind the side panel.
  • Jaga-Comap valve, Eurocone sleeve couplings and Jaga Comap thermostatic head. Can be connected at either end, inside the foot.
  • angled air vent 1/8” and drain plug 1/2”

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